Natural Hair Removal Recipes

Natural hair removal can be done in your own home and can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of electrolysis or laser procedures. The most popular recipe for natural hair removal requires ingredients that you probably already have. Employing this method regularly weakens the root of the hair and slows regrowth.

Mix the sugar, honey, lemon juice and oil. Heat mixture in microwave or over stove until it is warm, well mixed and spreadable. Let it sit for several minutes if it is too hot to avoid burning the skin.

Prepare the skin. Thoroughly clean the area of application and be sure it is very dry and free of foreign debris.

Sprinkle the cornstarch on the area of application. The cornstarch provides additional dryness while it tightens the skin. Apply the warm mixture on top of the sprinkled cornstarch with a spatula or other spreading device. Place the strips of fabric on top of the fabric, pressing gently. Let sit for 2 to 4 minutes.

Rip the fabric from the skin with a quick motion. A quick motion makes the process less painful.