How to Fix Watery Henna

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Henna is the byproduct of the henna plant, and when it is processed, it creates a dark brown or orange dye used to stain the skin and dye the hair. Whether you are making henna paste for your hair or for your skin, it is important to get the right consistency. Well-mixed henna paste should have a consistency a little thicker than toothpaste. If your henna paste is too watery or runny, adjust the mixture at once.

Mix your henna paste thoroughly using a wooden spoon. This breaks up any clumps of dry paste, helping to thicken the henna.

Measure out 1 level teaspoon of henna powder and add it to the henna paste.

Stir the henna powder into the paste, mixing thoroughly with a wooden spoon.

Check the consistency.

Repeat the process if necessary, adding 1 teaspoon of henna at a time and mixing until the paste is thick and no longer watery.