How to Get Your Mother Off the Phone

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For as much as we all use telephones, they can sometimes hamper our communication with those immediately around us. For instance, we may need to speak with out mother, but are having trouble because she's tied into a long phone conversation. In times like these, it's usually handy to have a trick or two which might help get your mother off of the phone. After all, there's a chance she might want to get off the phone as well.

Get Her Attention and Ask

Enter the room in which your mother is on the phone.

Wave your hands to draw her eyesight toward you.

Mouth the words, "Please get off the phone" to her once she's looking at you.

Call the Phone

Pick up another line (do not use the same phone line as your mother is on, as it will not work) and dial the number of your mother's phone.

Let the phone ring a few times. Many phones have the call waiting function, which will inform your mother that someone else is trying to call. In some cases, she may switch over to see who it is.

Ask your mother to get off the phone or simply deliver your message on the phone.

Ring the Doorbell

Go outside of your house or apartment.

Ring the doorbell.

Wait for your mother to answer it. In many cases, the doorbell ringing will influence people to get off the phone.

Deliver your message to her, or simply ask her to get off of the phone if she hasn't already.