How to Thicken Icing With Sugar

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Frosting can make or break your cake. Runny icing can appear to melt off your cake and make your cake soggy from the added moisture. No matter how incredible your cake looks and tastes, it is not finished until you top it off with frosting. Make sure your frosting is the proper consistency to cover the exterior of your cake, as you can destroy your cake with thin frosting that won’t stay on it.

Make a basic frosting recipe from ingredients such as cream cheese, butter, vanilla, meringue powder, milk and confectioners sugar. Place your frosting ingredients in a mixing bowl.

Mix the ingredients together with an electric mixer until your frosting becomes smooth and has the consistency of room-temperature butter.

Add confectioners sugar, 1 tbsp. at a time, to help thicken runny frosting until you reach your desired consistency. Runny frosting won’t set up and will slide off the sides of your cake.