Moroccan Theme Party Ideas

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Take party guests on a trip around the world by hosting a Moroccan-themed party in the comforts of your own home. Exotic Morocco often conjures up images of brilliant colors, rich opulence and romantic mysteries. The Moroccan theme serves as an excellent party idea for any type of occasion, including birthdays, dinner parties and weddings. Created with an armful of brightly-colored fabrics and vibrant decorations, a Moroccan-themed party creates a passionate and intriguing event.


When decorating your venue for a Moroccan-themed party, use bright, jewel-toned colors and flowing fabrics to create a vibrant and dazzling atmosphere. Use thumbtacks to hang lightweight fabrics, such as satin, chiffon or organza, in bold colors from the ceilings and walls. This fabric-draped structure creates a tent-like environment, perfect for a Moroccan party. As suggested by, “opulent and rich are the operative words when choosing a color palette for this Moroccan gathering.” Select fabrics, table coverings, drapes and pillows in bright purple, orange and fuchsia. Use smaller decorations in gold and vibrant blue to accent the setting. Keep the lighting in the area somewhat dim, using only lanterns and candles to add a subtle shimmer to your intimate Moroccan party.


Rather than serving dinner at a traditional dining table, create a Moroccan-style table setting for guests to use. When eating a meal, Moroccans use a very low table and floor pillows. Create a low table by propping up a sturdy piece of plywood on cinder blocks, milk crates or low coffee tables. Simply cover the makeshift table in brightly colored fabrics to complete your Moroccan table. Arrange a variety of jewel-toned decorative pillows around the table for guest seating. Decorate the table with colored glass vases, gold lanterns and candleholders, festive ribbons, and beautiful beads in gold, blue, pink and orange colors.


For a truly Moroccan party, serve a menu fit for Moroccan royalty. As explained by, “the foods of Morocco take great advantage of the natural bounty of a country where eating is both a practical and social ritual.” Begin the meal with a variety of hot and cold salads bursting with chickpeas, lentils, olives and vegetables. Follow the appetizers with a Moroccan tagine, a hearty stew made with meats and vegetables. The main entrée typically features an elaborate chicken dish accompanied by couscous and vegetables. recommends either “Moroccan chicken with lemon and olives” or “stir-fried chicken with cumin and peppers.” Since Moroccans generally eat with their fingers, encourage guests to scoop up foods with their fingers and thin pieces of bread. For dessert, serve rich chocolates, mild cookies and sweet mint tea.


For added excitement at your Moroccan party, provide a variety of Moroccan-inspired activities for guests to enjoy. For entertainment, play Moroccan music and hire a belly dancer to provide lessons to party guests. Set up a small table in a corner of the room and hire a professional to read palms and tarot cards. If you don’t mind the smoke, set up an adults-only table with a few hookahs and flavored tobacco.