How to Meet New Friends in Denver

by Jennifer Eblin

One of the most frightening things about moving to a new city is finding new friends and meeting new people. Moving to a larger city such as Denver provides more opportunities to meet people, including events designed for singles. You’ll find events tailored to working professionals, outdoor enthusiasts and even to bowling fans. Within a few weeks in Denver, you’ll have a full social calendar.

Check out Amazing Singles for information on events for singles and organizations devoted to singles. Programs include speed dating opportunities and clubs devoted to people without partners, all in the Denver area.

Join Singles Volunteers of Greater Denver. The focus of the group is to enrich the lives of others and to meet new people. Volunteers of all ages are welcome. The group works on various projects each month, including events centering on animals and the elderly.

Take part in Camping Singles of Denver. The group meets every month on the first Tuesday to plan camping trips and other outdoor activities. Anyone who takes part is welcome to attend a group outing, open only to singles.

Go to Western Bowl on Saturday mornings. The bowling alley is open to all singles who like bowling and are 39 or older. Access to a bowling tournament is included. The event is sponsored by The Friends Singles Ministry of Foothills Community Church.

Visit the Denver Westword web site for a list of mixers and other events in the Denver area. Events include happy hours at local bars, dance parties and dance lessons at clubs in the area.

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  • Use friends and acquaintances you already have to meet more people and expand your social network. Ask people you work with for suggestions on meeting new people. Ask your family to throw a welcome to the neighborhood party where you can meet new friends.

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