Making a Hair Puff for Quick & Easy Hairstyles


0:01 My name is Lauren and on behalf of Expert Village I'm here to talk to you about styles

0:05 on the go. A lot of women, especially with long hair, tend to have their hair fall flat

0:10 in their face as the day goes on. Most women simply tuck it behind their ear. I'm going

0:16 to give you a little bit of an alternative for tucking it behind your ear. What you can

0:20 do is if you brush all of your hair back, if you want to get some of that hair away

0:25 from your face, you have two options, you can either brush it back, spray it, in order

0:33 for it to stay back so as it falls better you have that extra hold. I personally am

0:38 not a huge hair spray fan. I do not like a lot of product in my hair, I feel like it

0:43 weighs my hair down. Something that I do if if you take your regular tail comb, and you

0:49 can do little patterns, you can go criss cross back and forth, they don't have to be perfect,

0:53 but what it does is prevents there from being a distinct part or you literally do is lay

0:59 the comb, tail comb part right by the beginning of your hair line and just wiggle it back

1:05 and forth, then when you wift, you wift up and separate. That's going to give you a bit

1:11 of a criss cross pattern. I do it on both sides, wift that section of hair, we'll do

1:20 a little bit of spray, just for smoothing, pull the hair back, twist it, until it goes

1:38 down to the scalp, you really want to twist this whole back section, then you simply push

1:49 it forward, grab one of your bobby pins, open it, and you're going to want to insert it

1:57 going in through that twist and down to the scalp so that way it will hold it with using

2:02 minimal pins, straighten it out, grab another section, same criss crossing pattern, again,

2:17 wift, twist, push it up, place your bobby pin inside that twist, sometimes when the

2:35 hair is a little heavy, you'll want to place two, like this one is lifting, so I'll go

2:38 back in with one more bobby pin, I'll grab it from the bobby pin, twist it back down

2:45 in order to smooth that backside and then reinsert another pin. You can also do this

2:53 if you do want parts and separations just by doing a straight part. It's going to be

2:58 more noticeable when you do the straight part; you're going to see the separation of the

3:02 twists a little bit more. Back, push up, insert your bobby pin, going into the twist. Now,

3:28 you can see the difference once I turn her head between the two twists. This is the straight

3:36 part, it's very noticeable, the sectioning in between it, the top is not so noticeable.

3:42 You can't really tell. So, depending on whether or not you want a little bit of a defined

3:46 twist or whether or not you would like it to look as if your hair is just falling back

3:50 like that naturally, would depend on the different part that you want to do. And that is how

3:56 you can keep your hair stylish yet away from your face and prevent you from tucking it

4:00 behind your hair continuously.