How to Make Conversations Stimulating

We all know people that we can't wait to see because they are so interesting. It may be your favorite teacher, a co-worker, friend or even someone you only know very casually. But they have that special quality called charisma. Now make your own charismatic conversations. Make others remember your stimulating conversation and keep them coming back for more.

Listen to the existing conversation. Pay attention and maintain eye contact. Jump in only after you find out what was said and who said it. Wait for a lull before speaking.

Ask questions. People like to provide their input and are pleased you asked. You get credit for being interested in them.

Make relevant interesting comments. For example, if the conversation is about the Civil War, make a stimulating statement about one of the fiercest battles.

Act out your statement. If the conversation is about swimming actually use your arms in swimming strokes as you talk. Get up and do the dance step. Don't forget to involve the other person.

Be brief. Make your statements concise, relevant and to the point. Then be silent. Let the conversation bounce back to you like a ping-pong ball.

Choose humor when appropriate. Tell short jokes and stay on topic. Don't forget to act out your joke. Laugh at yourself and have fun.

Smile. Put out friendliness and confidence without saying a word. Stimulating conversations sometimes start without words.