How to Live a Good Life Without Good Family

How to Live a Good Life Without Good Family. If you come from a dysfunctional family, the group's behavior may be extracting a toll on you. Family members who regularly frustrate or discourage your efforts to live a happly life are inflicting stress on you, and that can lead to emotional and physical illness. You should try to work things out with them, but if you can't, you're not obligated to stay attached.

Step 1

Accept the fact that all families have difficulties. Resist any temptation to feel guilty or ashamed. Be aware of the things that fall under "personal responsibility" as well as the things over which no control can be exercised.

Step 2

Separate yourself from the difficulties of self-destructive relatives and focus on personal growth.

Step 3

Remind yourself of the good things in life. Make an inventory of friends you rely upon and call for support. Be positive, start a gratitude journal and count your blessings.

Step 4

Create activities with good friends. Organize small dinners and picnics, go to the movies or plan a weekend getaway. Understand that some people are involved with their families, so give everyone plenty of notice about plans.

Step 5

Join an organization whose mission is of interest. Attend meetings and volunteer to take on some responsibility in order to broaden the exposure to the membership. Create new friendships.

Step 6

Consider joining a faith-based organization. Look into meditation classes. Research Buddhism and see if there is a center in the community.

Step 7

Get counseling to resolve painful issues with family and feelings of isolation in the experience. Make sure other emotional issues are in check.