List of Necklace Chain Styles

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Chain necklaces are elegant and beautiful. They can be worn with anything from T-shirts and blue jeans to the most refined evening wear. Necklace chains can be worn by both women and men, complimenting the person with style. Gold and silver are the most commonly found forms; however, necklace chains can be made from platinum, palladium, copper, surgical steel, and stainless steel.


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Chain necklaces designed for women are often delicate and well-crafted. They can be worn with or without pendants, long or short, and even as chokers. Although women will wear jewelry that appeals to them, certain necklace chain links were designed with the female in mind. The herringbone chain, the box chain, the fox chain, the wheat chain, the Singapore chain, the Bismark chain, the mariner chain, the heart chain, the round snake chain, the octagonal snake chain, and the bead chain are among the link styles created to compliment the female form. Each chain necklace is a derivative of standard shapes like the heart, circle, square, rectangle, and diamond.


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Men tend to make much bolder statements in the jewelry they choose to wear. Necklace chains for men are constructed with a masculine perspective and are created to withstand rougher handling and wear. Among the chain links crafted for men are the rope chain, the curb chain, the Byzantine link, the Franco chain, the Cuban link, the large mariner chain, the Figaro chain, and the cable link. These styles of necklace chains are heavier and of larger measurements to accommodate the stature of the man wearing them.

Custom Styles

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Necklace chains can also be custom crafted according to the specifications of the buyer. Individuals want to be unique and often create their own styles of chain such as linked butterflies, linked teddy bears, chained alphabet blocks, and linked flowers. Other custom styles include belt buckles linked together, links in the shapes of hats or ladies shoes, cows and horses, birds of all kinds, musical notes and symbols, symbols of different cultures, crosses, trees, and almost anything you can imagine. A talented craftsman can translate your vision into the necklace chain you want.

General Information

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Ultimately, any person can wear any style of necklace chain he or she desires, making personal choice a factor in the purchase of the chains. Chains are crafted from a variety of materials, ranging from true precious metals to average metals coated with precious metal plating to hypoallergenic metals colored to resemble precious metals, once again leaving a person's preference to factor into the purchase.