Laser Tag Birthday Party Goody Bag Ideas

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After an afternoon of a few high-tech ambushes in the laser tag arena, send your party guests home with goodies as memorable as the day's events such as personalized apparel, homemade sweets or laser-themed novelties. If you’re packing goody bags in a hurry, opt for tokens to the laser tag facility’s arcade or a gift card for the kids’ next round of tag.

Personalized Printing

Commemorate the day with “I Survived the Ultimate Laser Tag Battle” T-shirts or “[Your Kiddo’s] Ultimate Laser Tag Birthday Party.” Alternatively, have the T-shirts printed with each guests’ name and a bull’s eye in the center. Have guests sign each others' T-shirts with fabric markers. Have medals engraved with your child’s name and birth date on one side and the guest’s name on the other. Remove the labels from sports bottles and replace them with your own printed label -- neon-colored bull’s eyes. You can have bull's eyes and laser tag gear printed on edible icing and you can use the edible icing to decorate sheet cakes. You can also send cupcakes in laser tag colors to send home with guests.

Luminous Goodies

If you’re hosting the laser tag party in a glow-in-the-dark facility, incorporate the luminescent decor into your party favors. Pick up glow beach balls or glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets to wear during the game, as well as some to take home. Give 'tweens and teens phosphorescent body paint or nail polish, or opt for a set of glow-in-the-dark stars for a group of little guys. Make glow-in-the-dark lanterns for your guests. Splatter glow-in-the-dark paint inside empty mason jars. Spread the paint on a piece of tulle, for increased luminescence. Place the tulle inside and seal the lid. You can make these ahead of time or let the group make their own at the party.

Lasers and Lights

If you’re looking for an inexpensive favor for your party, give each child a laser pointer to commemorate the day or use ribbon to secure a laser pointer pen to a journal for the kids to record their fondest memories of the day. Pick up fiber optic centerpieces to adorn the party tables and then send them home with the kids to enhance their room decor. Opt for a colored flashlight for each guest and invite the group over later for a nighttime flashlight-tag battle in the backyard. Give kids and 'tweens a handheld black light and fluorescent highlighters. Include instructions to draw with the highlighters and use the black light to illuminate the drawings in the dark. Alternatively, give teens a black-light light bulb and invisible black light markers.

Laser Tag Loot Bags

If you’re fond of old-fashioned goody bags, skip the plastic toys and generic candy. Instead, opt for a variety of items the youngsters will actually use. Pick up small face-painting kits for the kids to practice their camouflage skills before the next game. Buy or make a large batch of neon slime and divide it into baby food jars or clear plastic containers. Add a can or two of silly string for the kids to practice their aim. If you’re going to fill the goody bags with sweets, opt for homemade cookies cut in the shape of laser tag guns and vests. Decorate them with neon icing and wrap each one in cellophane wrap.