How to Keep From Blinking When Having Picture Taken

How to Keep From Blinking When Having Picture Taken. Some people sit for pictures so naturally that it seems effortless for them to sit in front of a camera and look great. Other people do everything in their power to take great pictures but blink their eyes at the exact moment the shutter snaps and thus their picture appears with half-closed eyes. Use these tips to not blink your eyes during picture taking.

Step 1

Turn off the redeye reduction feature on the camera. Designed to help people's eyes dilate so the camera doesn't capture red eyes, it also causes some people to blink more almost ensuring that when the shutter closes their eyes will be closed too.

Step 2

Try reversing the process. Have the person keep their eyes closed and on the count of three open them when you take the picture. This is good for those who have dry eyes and naturally blink a lot. Keeping the eyes closed seals in the moisture and opening them at the exact moment is much easier than trying to predict when a blink is coming.

Step 3

Count to three but tell the subject to consciously blink on "two" rather than be ready on "three." The natural flow of blink-open is perfect when counting off a picture. Focusing on the blink at "two" to have a natural look on "three" with eyes wide open for the picture.

Step 4

Remind the person to have "bright eyes." Explain to them that the expression means to think of something that makes them smile with a hint of surprise, like seeing a child do something for the first time. It naturally lifts the eyelids slightly and if they can think of a specific memory the resulting look is attractive in photos.

Step 5

Take pictures in good light so the shutter is open the least amount of time possible. Mathematically it reduces the chances of someone blinking if the shutter is open the least amount of time possible.