Instructions for Roll Up Blinds

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Roll up blinds are an inexpensive and easy-to-install window treatment option to control light coming into a room. Roll up blinds are made of a segment of plastic, wood slats or fabric material wrapped around a spring-loaded spool or with draw strings. The spool is set between two brackets just above the window to provide maximum coverage. Position, secure and use roll up blinds correctly to get exactly the amount of light you want.

Measure the length of the spooled roll up blind from one end to the other. Mark the blind length with a pencil so it is centered just above the window on the inside of the pane or the wall above. Use a bubble level to make sure the two end marks are level.

Mount the brackets for the blind on the pencil marks. Drive screws into the brackets until they are completely secured. Check to make sure the brackets are level using the bubble level.

Hold the roll up blind parallel to your chest so the edge of the material is running down the side of the spool furthest from you. Position the shade between the two mounting brackets and snap or screw it into place. Gently bend the brackets just slightly if they are a little bit too close or far to hold the shade.

Pull the roll up shade down to the desire length and release. Drawstring models will require that you release the tension on the strings and allow the blind to unfurl. Tie the drawstring off at the side of the window to keep the roller shade in position.

Roll the shade back up by giving it a gentle tug and allowing it to slowly wind up into the spool as you hold on to the end. Pull straight down on a drawstring roller to get the shade up and out of the way. Always tie down the string when you have the coverage you desire from a drawstring roller blind.