Inscriptions Ideas for Graduates

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If you are giving a gift to a new graduate it is always nice to give a gift the graduate will have for a long time and something that is memorable yet functional. Of course, it is also ideal if you can customize the gift with an engraved inscription. Items that be engraved with an inscription include a stainless steel coffee mug, a photo frame, a keychain, a money clip or an elegant pen.

High School Graduates

A high school graduate is embarking on the transition to adult life and the independence of work, college or university. Consider engraving a quote from a song in pop culture, perhaps a favorite song of the teenage or a quote from a celebrity popular to that graduate. You can also write a traditional quote such as, "Best wishes as you depart high school for college." You, can, of course replace the word college for university or if the student will be travelling, note this in your message.

College Graduate

College graduates are leaving one degree behind for the world of work or even post-graduate study. Inscription items include the name of the graduate followed by the new letters following his or her name or a message noting the name of the graduate, the college or university and the latin motto of the school. You can also personalize it by saying, "Congratulations on your college achievement."

Professional Schools

If you are giving an engraved gift to a graduate of a professional program, such as Master's of Business Administration (M.B.A), tailor your inscription to the particular program. Have a quote reflective of the future career pathway of the graduate engraved or something personal such as, "Take on the business world, Mike!".

The Health Professionals

Health professional graduates, such as new dentists and nurses as well as physicians, are entering a career focusing on service and improving the lives of others through health. Engrave an inscription about medicine, nursing or dentistry or a few simple words that reflect the health profession such as, "Respect. Service. Passion. Medicine."