Ingredients for Black Eyed Peas Recipe


0:00 Hi! My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you

0:05 how to make black eyed peas. Okay let's see what we need for today's video. First things

0:12 first, black eyed peas. This is a pound which calls for this recipe so one pound of black

0:19 eyed peas. You can get them at any grocery store. You can get them either soaked or unsoaked.

0:24 You can also get them in cans. We want the hard dry for this. If you try making this

0:29 with can blackeyed peas, it's not really gross unless you make black eyed pea soup basically.

0:33 Not the way to do it. So just plain old dry black eye peas, four cups of just plain old

0:39 normal water, the tap variety. I've got a one medium yellow sweet onion. I always use

0:47 sweet onions unless I want to use red onions for some things. We need a whole one for this.

0:51 Sweet onions are also good because they have a much mellower flavor than a regular old

0:56 yellow onion. Your salt and pepper, I've got one cup of ham. You could also use diced up

1:04 ham. I just happened to cook a ham a couple of days ago so I had some ham lying around

1:08 so I just pulled some pieces off and will shred it for later. I've also got about three

1:15 and half ounces of, this is called salt pork. It is a pretty easy to find product at least

1:23 here in Texas and some other places it is a little harder to find; goes by different

1:26 names too. What it is though is a really thick slab of uncut bacon so you could substitute

1:31 bacon for this so you can substitute bacon for this essentially. But salt pork also carries

1:35 a little more salt in it so it is going to be a little bit saltier; three and half ounces

1:38 of salt pork which we are going to cut up. That is it for our ingredients. Let's see

1:42 what equipment we are going to need for todays video.