Ideas for Decorating a Cake for a 50th Birthday

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Even people who don’t celebrate their birthday usually do something special when that 50th birthday rolls around. It’s just the sort of occasion that calls for acknowledgment. When it comes to ideas for decorating a 50th birthday party cake, there are many different ways you can go. You can use a humorous decoration, formal decoration or a unique decoration to adorn many different cake styles. There’s no way to deny that a great birthday cake helps create a great birthday party.


When it comes to humorous ideas for decorating a 50th birthday cake, think about using some specialty pans or plastic decorations created specifically for that 50-year mark. You could bake a cake in the shape of a tombstone and add text with icing, or bake a plain sheet cake, cover it with green icing and stick a bunch of plastic headstone decorations across the top. You could buy or make a hill-shaped cake covered with green and brown icing, and stick a plastic man with a cane decoration coming down one side.

If you want to be humorous, have a professional cake shop scan an embarrassing baby picture of the birthday person on a sheet cake. You can buy or create a book-shaped cake with icing script dating, and briefly mention the most embarrassing moments of the person’s life.


Formal ideas for decorating a 50th birthday cake can also use specialty pans and special decorations. Use cake pans shaped like the numbers "5" and "0" to create a “50” cake covered with cream frosting and edged with tiny red rosettes. You can also top any kind of cake with a golden “50” candle and lightly cover the cake with tiny gold bead sprinkles.

For a formal 50th birthday cake decorating idea that works on almost any kind of cake, edge the bottom of the cake with small flowers, and place flower-covered foam pieces shaped like a "5" and a "0" on top. You could also cover any basic cake with small golden fondant “50” shaped pieces.


If you want some unique ideas for decorating a 50th birthday cake, think about what the birthday honoree loves. Use 50 of the miniaturized items on a large cake and around the serving platter as decoration. For example, you could buy 50 tiny candy, sunflower decorations for someone who loves sunflowers or 50 tiny plastic, football helmets for a huge football enthusiast.

Another unique idea is to use fondant to create a purple and green polka-dot cover over a square or rectangle cake so that the birthday cake looks like a wrapped present. Use yellow fondant to make ribbons wrapped around the box, and tie them in a bow at the top. Use white fondant to make a large gift tag to place next to the bow, and use purple icing to write “Happy 50th Birthday!” across it.