Ideas for a Wedding Dress After the Wedding

by Leigh Reason ; Updated September 28, 2017

If you would rather see your wedding dress put to good use instead of collecting dust in a big archival box in your closet, there are a number of options for repurposing your dress. If you would like to keep your dress, you can use the fabric to create new fashions or to make keepsakes for your home. On the other hand, you might also consider donating your dress to a worth cause. Whatever the reason, there are many creative things you can do with your dress after the wedding.


Before you decide exactly what you want to do with your dress, you should have it professionally cleaned. Before six weeks have passed after your wedding, take your gown to a reputable dress cleaner to ensure stains, such as dirt along the hem, champagne, and makeup have been removed.

Make a Difference

If you don’t want to keep your dress and you’d like someone else to be able to use it, consider donating it to a charitable organization. For example, the charity Making Memories Foundation has a program called Brides Against Breast Cancer that takes gently used wedding gowns and resells them to raise money for breast cancer research. Choosing to donate your dress can give it a second life for a great cause.


If the style of your dress was classic and simple, you might consider dying the fabric and using the dress for other events. Another option is having a creative seamstress use the fabric of your dress to fashion a new dress, either by redoing the top or cutting off the bottom to make it shorter, or by using parts of the fabric to create a whole new dress. A third option is using the fabric from your dress to make a christening gown for a future child to wear.


If you can get beyond the idea of cutting up your once beloved dress, there are many beautiful keepsakes that can be made from the fabric of your dress. You might use the fabric to make a skirt to encircle a baby’s bassinet or cut out squares to make either a quilt or decorative pillows. If your gown has lots of lace, you could repurpose it as a hankie for someone else’s big day. These crafty ideas give you a chance to enjoy your dress every day.

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