Ideas for a Male 30th Birthday Party

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Turning thirty may be hard on a guy saying goodbye to his twenties, so celebrate in ways that remind him that not only is he still young enough to party, but that he can also do it in ways that are more exciting, meaningful and memorable than spending the night at the pub. Celebrate with ideas that turn the 30th birthday party into an event worthy of the milestone.

Sports Party

Invite friends to gather at a local ball field for a game of football or baseball. Try a basketball court, hockey rink, bowling alley or other arena suitable for the birthday guy’s favorite sport. Have t-shirts or jerseys made up that say something like “Mike’s Birthday Bowl” or simply “Happy Birthday Mike!” Make sure the birthday celebrant’s shirt has the number 30 on the back.

Arrange to attend a professional or semi-professional spectator sporting event such as a football game, tennis match or horse race. Ask close friends and family members to attend. Meet in the parking lot ahead of time to have a birthday tailgate party complete with food cooked on a portable barbecue grill and drinks from the cooler.


Take the birthday guy to a concert starring the favorite band of his youth or a current musician of his liking. With so many classic bands still touring, you may even be able to find tickets for a show featuring a band with number one hits from thirty years ago. Ask guests to purchase gifts at the show such as t-shirts, CDs and tour books.

Backyard Barbecue Party

Throw a backyard birthday barbecue. Use 30th birthday banners and balloons to decorate the yard. Serve burgers, hot dogs and beer. Have lawn games such as horseshoes or croquet on hand for activities. Play music that was popular the year of the guest of honor was born. Ask guests to bring tents and sleeping bags to extend the party into an all night camp-out, or invite some of the birthday boy’s buddies inside for an all night poker game.


Hold a traditional clambake on the beach, complete with a bonfire. Contact the local parks department ahead of time to determine if you need permits. Wrap shellfish and vegetables in foil and bake them in the traditional clambake fire pit method (see resources for traditional clambake instructions). Bring along a portable music player, Frisbee, volleyball, net and plenty of drinks to keep cool in the sun.

Scavenger Hunt

Place clues to the whereabouts of the party at thirty locations. Choose locations that are significant to the birthday boy such as his high school, favorite bar and the house in which he grew up. Leave things with the clues like photos, his college sweatshirt, his wedding invitation and other meaningful life items. Have the final clue instruct him to bring his collection to the location where you will have a birthday celebration with food, drinks and cake.