How to Know What Your Husband Secretly Wants for Christmas

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Finding the perfect holiday gifts for your husband can be stressful if you don't know what he wants. While he will likely tell you if you just ask him, it takes away the element of surprise. Find out what your husband really wants for Christmas by paying close attention to his latest interests, hobbies and by enlisting the help of some of his friends.

Get Hints From Him

Visit the mall together and take note of anything he stops to look at or shows an interest in. If he's looking at a few brands of a particular gadget in an electronics store, for example, casually ask him which brand he thinks is better. If you are watching TV together, see what products in the commercials peak his interest. Don't put it past him to give you blatant hints as well, with lines such as "I sure would love a new set of golf clubs." He is being as clear and direct with what he wants. If it's within your financial means fulfill his request. Getting him something else, when he made it obvious what he wanted, would be a disappointment.

Ask His Buddies

Next to you, your husband's friends likely spend the most time with him and should definitely be able to give you a good idea of what he wants for Christmas. The key to keeping the gift a secret is to avoid asking the loud mouth friend that is sure to blab to your husband that you were asking around. Instead, ask just one or two of your husband's buddies that you know can keep a secret.

Stalk Him Digitally

Get on the family computer or his laptop after he was surfing the Internet and see if he made any shopping searches for certain items. Make up an excuse to use his laptop if necessary. You also want to see if any of his social media posts can give you a clue of things he really loves or something he is excited about. Check out the web pages that he goes to regularly as well, such as a sports news website or a hobby website to get clues for a good Christmas gift. For example, if your husband is an avid fan of a particular movie franchise, such as "Star Wars," he would likely be thrilled with a gift related to that, such as a vintage movie poster or collectible figurines.

Listen To His Complaints

Take note of the things your husband complains about the most around the house. Perhaps he is always cursing at the coffee machine each morning that will only work when you wiggle the switch a specific way. Maybe he has been griping to you about how the children's new dog chewed up his last pair of designer dress shoes. Replacing these items with new and improved versions would alleviate some of his frustrations and makes excellent Christmas gifts that he would really appreciate.