Hurricane Watch: Steps to Take Now

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As Hurricane Sandy threatens the East Coast, millions are wondering: Am I doing everything I can to prepare for a disaster? eHow has created a list of what you need to do ASAP -- from collecting relevant emergency documents to creating a home first aid kit -- to get ready to survive Mother Nature's wrath and the challenges that follow.

Protect Your Home

Homeowners facing a hurricane should take preventative measures such as trimming dead branches from trees and readying windows.

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Build an Emergency Kit

A few key supplies like water and batteries can help you weather power failures, business closures, and, well, the weather.

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Create a First Aid Kit

Instead of buying the prepackaged version, create your own first aid kit to ensure that you have everything you and your family might need.

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Prepare for an Evacuation

Your evacuation list should include items such as pet food and important medications so that you can leave your home within minutes if needed.

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Compile Emergency Documents

Organize the important documents you may need to provide to authorities, relief agencies and creditors after the emergency takes place.

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Establish a Communication Plan

Do you know how you'll reach loved ones after a disaster? Create a plan to connect with family members.

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Know What Your Insurance Policies Cover

Make sure you understand the difference between homeowner's and flood insurance so that you can file a claim effectively.

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