How to Word Vow Renewals

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It is customary for many people to write their own vows for their wedding to add a personal touch to the ceremony. Whether or not you wrote your own vows for your wedding, you'll want to write them for a vow-renewal ceremony. A vow renewal is different than a wedding because the traditional vows contain promises that you have already made to each other and are carrying out. For your vow renewal, speak from the heart and tell your spouse how you plan to continue your life together.

Begin your wedding vows by touching on a memory you have of your wedding day. You could say that you were excited to marry him, but you did not know what marriage would be like, or you could recount a funny memory from the day.

Continue with your vows by explaining how your love and your relationship have grown and changed over the years.

Include an anecdote about something you have experienced together in your marriage

Speak about how you see your future together. Wish for more years like you have already spent together, or look forward to potential changes as you age and become grandparents.

Complete your vows by telling your partner why you are grateful to her. Explain the qualities she possesses that you could not live without, and pledge to continue loving and respecting her for the rest of your lives.