How to Wear Long Johns

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Long johns are a popular clothing item used during winter. They consists of a pair of underpants that start at the waist and reach all the way down to the ankles and a long-sleeved, form-fitting shirt. The thermal underwear helps keep you warm by trapping in your body heat, which is especially important when spending a long time outdoors. Long johns are simple to to wear, but you must dress in the correct order for maximum comfort.

Put the long john pants on first. Normal underwear can be worn beneath the long john pants, but it isn't necessary.

Put socks on so they go over the bottoms of the long john pants. Put your normal pants on over the long john pants.

Wear the long john shirt as you would any other shirt. Do not wear a shirt underneath the long john shirt as it can be uncomfortable.

Add as many layers as you wish to your top.