Calories in Pasta Noodles


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Pasta comes in many different shapes, from macaroni to penne to spaghetti, and is also available in different varieties such as whole wheat and vegetable. This array of types accounts for a range in calories.

Short Pasta

After it is cooked, a 1-cup serving of macaroni has 196 calories. Penne, ziti and rigatoni each have 220 calories per 1-cup serving.

Long Pasta

One cup of cooked spaghetti has 220 calories, as does 1 cup of cooked fettuccine or linguine.

Whole Wheat

One cup of cooked whole-wheat spaghetti has 172 calories. Whole-wheat penne has 200 calories per serving.


Spaghetti made with spinach has 182 calories per 1-cup serving, while spinach-based egg pasta has 130 calories per 100-g serving.