The Calories in Pasta & Tomato Sauce With Chicken

Chicken Cacciatore

Robyn Mackenzie/iStock/Getty Images

Pasta, tomato sauce and chicken can be combined into a number of different dishes and recipes. By looking at the calories in each individually, you can get a well-rounded idea of how many calories are in a dish with all three.


As pastas vary in calories depending on type, a 2-oz. serving of regular penne pasta has 200 calories, while 2/3 cup of linguine has 240 calories. Whole wheat rotini has 200 calories per 2-oz. serving, while spinach-based pasta only has 74 calories per 2-oz. serving.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is also available in a number of varieties, including flavorings such as cheese or additions including olive oil. Regular canned tomato sauce has 78 calories per cup, while herb and cheese tomato sauce has 144 calories per cup. Chunky tomato sauce with garlic and onions has 160 calories per cup.


An ounce of boneless, cooked chicken breast has 55 calories, while an ounce of boneless, cooked chicken thigh has 69 calories.


Several dishes begin with pasta, tomato sauce and chicken as the base. A three-cheese pasta bake that includes these three ingredients, as well as cheese, garlic and spinach, for example, has 410 calories per serving.