How to Wear a Tie


0:01 Hi, my name is Mark Breaux. I've been working in men's tailored clothing for about twenty

0:04 five years now. And, I'm going to talk about the proper way to wear a necktie. The necktie

0:12 should fit fairly snugly at the neck. It shouldn't be loose or hanging down away from the collar,

0:18 but not so snug that it crushes the shirt collar. The tie should have either a clip

0:25 or just tucked into the back, the tag end of the tie should go through the label or

0:31 the keeper in the back of the tie. The overall length of the tie, it should drop slightly

0:37 below the bottom of the waistband of the trousers. So, you've got the, where the belt sits and

0:42 you've got waistband, the seams, the tip of the tie should drop below that, not up too

0:48 high, or too terribly long. It should just fall slightly below it and give you a nice

0:53 presentation that way.