How to Use Mustache Wax

ArthurHidden/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you call it a cookie duster, a crumb catcher or your face's best accessory, don't let anyone call your mustache unkempt. It takes more maintenance than a clean shave or an all-over scruff, but a well-groomed mustache has its own old-fashioned charm. To keep your mustache looking dapper, you'll need a mustache wax with a soft hold for general tidiness or a medium to firm hold for shaping. For an elaborately curled or gravity-defying mustache, wax is a must-have for holding every hair in place.

Scrape a small amount -- usually less than a pea-sized dollop -- of mustache wax out of its container. Use your fingernail if the wax is firm. Warm the wax between your thumb and forefinger to soften it.

Smooth the wax onto the center of your mustache. With a mustache comb or your fingers, brush the wax outward toward the ends.

Blow your mustache with a hair dryer set on medium heat for two or three seconds. Use a low-power setting on your dryer or hold it at arm's length if the air from the dryer is too intense against your face. Short bursts from the hair dryer sets the shape of your mustache and prevents the wax from clumping.

Brush the wax out to the ends of your mustache. Use the hair dryer as you brush if the wax is too firm or creates clumps in your mustache.

Warm a tiny amount of wax between your fingertips and smooth any unruly hairs using a soft downward and outward motion.