How to Dreadlock Thin Straight Hair

Credit: taliesin - morguefile / taliesin

Dreadlocks have been around for centuries. Today, they are growing in popularity within the world of fashion. Anyone can form dreadlocks, even those with thin, straight hair. Simply simulating a curly hair texture is all you have to do before starting the dread process. Leaving braids in your hair for a couple weeks will give you the perfect hair to work with and hold your dreads in place.

Prepare your hair. A common myth is that washing your hair ruins dreadlocks. This is actually far from true. Leaving oil in your hair makes it hard for dreadlocks to form and stay in place because your hair will be too slippery and won't hold the dreads together. So start off with dry, freshly washed hair. Section off your hair in approximately 1-inch-thick sections. Use an elastic hair tie to hold off each section. Continue until you have sectioned through all of your hair.

Braid your hair. Dreadlocks are harder to form with straight, thin hair. So before the dread process can begin you will need to create a curly texture within your hair to give the dreads something to hold on to. Braid each section of your hair and tie off the ends to keep them in place. Keep the braids in for 10-15 days while continually washing your hair like normal at least every 3 days.

Apply wax to your hair. Remove the braids from your hair one section at a time. After removing each braid, thoroughly brush each sectioned piece. This will take away your curls and cause your hair to frizz, making a better surface for your dreads. Reapply the elastic hair tie to each sectioned piece of hair to keep the sections you have created. Once you have removed all of the braids, apply hair wax throughout each individual section.

Form your dreadlocks. Work with one section of your hair at a time. Remove the elastic hair tie from one section and tease your hair, using a metal lice comb. You do this by putting your hair between the comb's teeth and moving the comb back and forth to create knots. Work your way down the sectioned piece of your hair until you reach the bottom. Once you have reached the bottom, twist the teased hair tightly all in one direction. While holding the twist into your hair, continue teasing from the scalp once again. Repeat teasing and twisting until your hair forms a dread. Reapply an elastic hair tie and continue until you have formed a dreadlock in each section of your hair.

Maintain your dreadlocks. The first couple months are the hardest. You have to train your hair to sit in place within the dreads. Keep your hair washed regularly, at least a couple times a week. Also, at least once a week, apply hair wax to your dreads and retighten them. You do this by removing the elastic hair tie and tightening the twist you had created before and then reapplying the elastic hair tie to hold your dread in place once again.