How to Use a Lattice Pie Cutter

A lattice pie cutter saves you time and effort over creating a homemade lattice crust. Several designs allow you to prepare a pie with a more creative cut in the top than the traditional crisscross pattern. Think of lattice pie cutters as large cookie cutters, and you will understand how they cut intricate designs in the top crust of your pie. Two methods exist for using these time-saving tools. Choose the one you find easiest.

Lightly dust a work surface with flour. Lay out the top crust on the work surface.

Press the lattice cutter into the piecrust. Lift up the cutter. Use your fingers or a thin-bladed knife to pull the cut shapes from inside the piecrust. Gently lift the remaining crust with the lattice pattern. Transfer it to the top of your pie and pinch the edges of the crust.

As an alternative method, you can place the lattice cutter on your work surface with the cutting edges facing upward. Drape the top piecrust over the lattice pie cutter. Roll over the dough with the rolling pin. Carefully pull the piecrust off the cutter and place it on top of your pie, crimping the edges to seal.

Reserve the leftover dough shapes for decorating other desserts; just add them to the top before baking.

You can also save the shapes for a small piecrust. Roll all of the leftover pieces of dough together into a ball. Freeze or refrigerate this dough for later use as a piecrust for an individual pie.