How to Troubleshoot an Oral B Triumph

Electric or power toothbrushes can remove plaque better than manual toothbrushes due to the oscillating head that moves faster than the human hand ever could. They have built-in sensors that tell you when you are brushing too hard, and they reach the gum line and massage it reducing the change of gingivitis. If your Oral B Triumph toothbrush seems not to work as it should, you can troubleshoot it in just a few steps. You don’t need to sacrifice your oral hygiene; fix your electric toothbrush instead of buying a new one.

Check if the charging unit of the toothbrush is plugged in to a working outlet. If you are unsure, plug another appliance into the outlet and see if it works. If it is the outlet that does not work, move the toothbrush to a different outlet.

Look at the Smart Display on the handle. There is a symbol that resembles a battery. When the battery is fully charged, the symbol appears to be completely black. The battery can last for about 12 hours. If the word “Low” or “Empty” appears, that means the battery needs to be recharged.

Discharge the battery completely at least twice a year. Leave the toothbrush off the charger until the Smart Display says “Empty.”

Check that there is nothing clogging the brush head that makes it difficult for water to get through the pulsating head. Clean the brush thoroughly after each use, making sure to get every bit of toothpaste washed away.

Make sure that you have assembled the unit the way the assembly guide indicates. If you are unsure, take it apart and put it back together using the directions in the assembly guide.