How to Trim a Mohawk

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mohawk hairstyles have been popular for years. Mohawks have a strip of high, pointy hair down the center of the head, and the hair on either side is either shaved or cut short. Both men and women, including children, are known to wear mohawks. While the cut isn't difficult to get, the maintenance is a bit much, since this cut has to be trimmed frequently.

Spike the hair that you want in a mohawk and leave the rest of your hair down on the sides. You can make a mohawk wide or narrow, depending on your preference. There’s no set guideline - choose the type of mohawk that looks the best on you and reflect your personality.

Shave the hair on either side of your mohawk spike to the desired length. There’s no particular length that you have to shave it down to, just make sure it’s quite a bit shorter than your long mohawk. It can also go down as far as you want, to either the back of your head or all the way down to the nape of your neck.

Trim the top of your mohawk, starting small. Hold the trimming scissors vertical, instead of horizontal. Clip gently, snipping off small pieces instead of large chunks. Cut off just a bit from the top first, and continue trimming small amounts -- until you’ve reached the desired length. The longer the top of your mohawk, the more you’ll be able to do with it.