How to Tie Western Bow Ties


0:00 hello I'm image consultant Susan Bigsby

0:03 at Susan Bigsby calm in this clip I'm

0:07 going to show you how to tie a Western

0:09 tie now you may not have much need to

0:11 tie a Western tie ever in your life but

0:13 you never know when this need may arise

0:15 the trick is you don't always have to

0:19 purchase the tie you can actually do

0:21 this with a black satin ribbon if you

0:23 buy a ribbon I would say probably about

0:26 sixty inches long you can always cut it

0:29 so better to have it too long than too

0:32 short you tie it just like a bow or just

0:35 like you would tie your sneaker you take

0:37 one length over the other flip it around

0:41 just like you're tying your sneaker the

0:44 ribbon that's on top stays on top so

0:47 you're going to loop the other

0:49 underneath ribbon with your finger like

0:51 you would tie a tie keep this ribbon on

0:55 top all the way around the bow put that

1:00 underneath part through and pull out

1:03 your bow making it nice and flat then

1:08 you pull down the ribbon and you

1:12 actually have what they call a Western

1:15 ribbon which is actually a Western bow

1:18 tie and really just a bow now where

1:21 would you wear a tie like this most of

1:23 us are pretty accustomed to the

1:25 traditional bow tie and a necktie and

1:28 that kind of thing but this is a little

1:30 bit more unusual this day and age anyway

1:32 I would probably say it would be most

1:35 appropriate in a square-dance

1:37 situation where you were dressed in

1:38 theme and there are still lots of local

1:42 square dance companies who have tons of

1:45 fun all over the country this would be

1:47 the appropriate place to wear a a

1:49 western-style bow tie

1:51 this is Susan Bigsby thanks for watching