How to Tie a Tiffany Ribbon Around a Box

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tiffany and Co. has become synonymous with many things over the past 150 years: classic jewelry, luxury, Audrey Hepburn and the little robin's egg-blue box (perfectly wrapped) that Tiffany's jewelry comes in. If you're looking to recreate a Tiffany's box, you'll have to know how the box is wrapped to prevent a bump from forming at the bottom of the box. Then, you'll not only be able to wrap the perfect Tiffany's box, but you'll be able to wrap perfect holiday and birthday presents as well.

Hold the box in front of you. For easier instructions, let's say the side facing you is "Side A," the side furthest from you is "Side B," the left side of the box is "Side C" and the right side is "Side D."

Lay the beginning of the ribbon across the box from Side A to Side B. Extend the ribbon slightly past Side B to allow more ribbon for a bow. The rest of the ribbon, or the spool, will still be on Side A.

Wrap the ribbon down Side A, under the box and up Side B. Pull the ribbon up to the middle of the box top.

Fold the ribbon spool over to the left in a 45-degree angle to now face Side C; you may need to hold the ribbon bend in place with your finger to prevent it from shifting.

Wrap the ribbon down Side C, under the box, then up Side D. Pull the ribbon up to the top and middle of the box top.

Slide the ribbon under the folded, 45-degree angled ribbon.

Pull both ribbon ends taut and tie them together into a knot.

Tie the ribbon ends into a bow, and cut off the ends with a pair of scissors. To keep your look consistent with a true Tiffany and Co. box, ensure that the ribbon ends do not fall past the sides of the box top.