How to Tie a Scarf for Men


0:00 how to tie a scarf Furman there's a lot

0:02 of different ways you can tie a men's

0:04 scarf it all depends on preference on

0:09 what you feel looks right on you there's

0:11 no real right or wrong for which way you

0:13 wear it all right we'll start with the

0:16 most basic you put it around your neck

0:22 wrap it around

0:27 bring it over some people like to tuck

0:30 it in to keep their chests warm that's

0:33 one way another way is the European loop

0:42 we start with your scarf in half but

0:49 both halves around tuck it through the

0:53 loop and that's another thing

0:58 and the third one it's kind of like the

1:02 first one only not all the way wrapped

1:05 around you stuck wrap it around and

1:07 leave the longer and in the back tuck

1:11 the front one down there you go