How to Tie a Ribbon Around a Gift

Gift wrapping is a real skill. But, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart or have your own wrapping room to make a gift look nice. Adding a ribbon bow is a simple, inexpensive way to finish off a wrapping job. Just follow these steps.

Wrapping the Ribbon

Cut the ribbon according the size of the gift. You will need enough ribbon to wrap around the gift twice, while leaving about 6 inches of extra ribbon at the top. Wrap the ribbon around the gift to test the length, then cut.

Wrap the ribbon around the box lengthwise first, making a tie on the back of the box (but not a bow), in order to change the direction of the ribbon ends.

Now take the ribbon ends and tie around the width of the box. Make a tie on the front of the box (but not a bow).

Tape down this last tie to the box.

Tying the Bow

Loop the left side of the ribbon.

Wrap the right side of the ribbon around the loop, keeping your thumb between the first loop and the right side of the ribbon.

Push a loop of ribbon through the hole made by your thumb.

Pull the bow tight.