How to Tie a Hippie Headscarf

smilimg girl in red headscarf image by Olga Sapegina from

Tying a headscarf to create a "hippie" look is fashionable and easy to do. You can choose to make a pale, understated color or attempt to make a real statement with a tie-dyed, brightly colored design. Headscarfs have been known to go in-and-out of fashion. However, they are a classic look and if done well will complement your outfit and frame your face. Headscarfs can be purchased in clothing stores, markets and online.

Fold your scarf in half, forming a triangular shape.

Place the scarf on your head with one corner hanging at the back and the two other corners on each side of your head touching your shoulders.

Cross the two side corners underneath the piece at the back (e.g., touching the back of your neck). If you want to let your hair hang loose underneath, tie the scarf over the back of your hair and not up against your neck. Make a single knot just by crossing one piece over the other; then loop one piece over the top of the other piece of material. Pull the knot tight to keep the scarf in place.

Tuck the third corner that is hanging over the back of your head under and then into the tie you just made.

If you want cover your hair completely, wrap the two corners that are still hanging at each side around the piece that you just tucked underneath. Wrap around more than once if necessary, to create a kind of bun at the back. When you have hidden any remaining hair that is still hanging, tie the two pieces of scarf together to keep it place. This tie should be done underneath, at the nape of your neck. You should now have tied the perfect hippie style headscarf.