How to Throw a "Legally Blonde" Party

Jill Chen/iStock/Getty Images

Any Cosmo girl knows how to make her "Legally Blonde" party super fun with picture-perfect invitations, decor, food and party games. Draw inspiration from Elle Woods, her chihuahua Bruiser, and her world of pink from the comedic film and Broadway musical of the same name. Start the event with a glass of pink Champagne to toast how fabulous you and your friends are -- as long as you're of age -- and finish it up with a viewing of the movie.

Stylish Invitations

It only makes sense the invitations to your soiree are pink. Create your own with pink card stock and a fun font on your computer. Spritz some perfume on the invite to make sure they're scented. Another invitation idea is to print out small versions of the "Legally Blonde" movie poster and include the party details on the back.

Dapper Decor

Elle Woods hails from Beverly Hills but much of "Legally Blonde" takes place in the hallowed halls of Harvard. Go one of two ways with your decor: Decorate your party venue like it's a Beverly Hills sorority house in a pink, black and white color scheme, or pick preppy, academic decor in crimson -- Harvard's team color. In either case, frame stills from the movie and hang up movie posters as well as the poster from the Broadway musical.

Fabulous Food and Drink

Serve a spread of finger foods that aren't too messy to eat. Set up platters of crudites, bruschetta, fancy olives and nuts, and cheese and crackers. If you have a bigger budget, splurge on fancier food such as sea scallops and miniature crab cakes. For those over 21, think pink when it comes to cocktails. Mix up a batch of Cosmopolitans -- a blend of vodka, orange liqueur, lime juice and cranberry juice -- and supplement it with rose Champagne. For those underage or teetotalers, set out sparkling apple cider and pink lemonade.

A Little Something Extra

A party isn't complete without a few extras. Set up a screening of the film and have guests speak their favorite parts. If you prefer to leave the television off, enjoy the music from the Broadway musical as background tunes. Some potential Elle Woods-inspired activities include a costume contest, in recognition of when Elle showed up at a party dressed as a bunny, or a "bend and snap" lesson and contest to see who can do it best.