How to Tell When It Is Time to Take Out a Quick Weave

Quick weaves are formed by gluing strands of hair to a wave or skull cap with bonding glue, unlike regular or traditional weaves which are bonded to your natural hair with thread or glue. This stocking cap is first placed over (often braided) hair, then the weave pieces are glued to the cap. This is basically a custom wig. Gel and glue from bonding the quick weave to the cap will seep through to your natural hair. After the weave is removed, you must wash your natural hair with a clarifying shampoo and follow that up with a deep conditioning treatment.

Remove the quick weave after two to six weeks. The time varies significantly depending upon the products used to form the quick weave, your hair and how it reacts to the products and your own personal preference. Six weeks is typically the maximum amount of time the weave pieces will stay bonded to the cap.

Remove the quick weave when pieces appear to come loose from the cap. When the pieces begin to peel away, the bonding glue is wearing off. You can glue the pieces back in place, but since the glue will seep into your natural hair, you want to avoid doing this until after you've thoroughly washed and conditioned your hair.

Remove the quick weave when your scalp begins to itch. The bonding glue can be especially damaging to your scalp. If the scalp is irritated, you want to remove the quick weave and thoroughly wash and condition your hair.

Remove the quick weave when the bonding glue begins to flake. Not only is this a sign that the glue is wearing off, but glue flakes will ruin the total look of your clean quick weave.