How to Sew in Hair Clips

by Cassandra Tribe ; Updated September 28, 2017

You can sew in hair clips to hair extensions and be able to change your look to suit your mood with ease. Hair extensions are gaining in popularity. However, the expense of getting a weave or having extensions sewn in can be out of your price range. A good solution to that is to learn how to take hair extensions and sew in hair clips. All you really need is some patience and some basic sewing skills.

Lay your hair extension flat on the table, and pull all of the hair back so you clearly see the seam at the end where the hair is joined together.

Cut a 12 inch length of nylon thread and thread it though your needle. Tie one end (with a simple knot) around one end of the seam on your hair extension.

Lay your hair extension hair clip on the seam of your hair extension. You want the seam to lay on the top of the bottom part of the clip, not underneath it (where the clip will attach to your real hair). Using the needle, pass your thread through the pre-cast holes in the hair clip and then back through the seam. Tie a knot in the thread with every third pass.

Place a hair clip every 2 inches on longer hair extension seams. Sew each one into place, tying off the thread when you are done sewing on your hair clip and cut any excess thread off.


  • Make sure you use enough hair clips to support your hair extension, otherwise, the hair extension will begin to sag while you are wearing it.

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