How to Sew a Fake Fur Stole

by Ruth O'Neil ; Updated September 28, 2017

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Women and girls of all ages once wore stoles to help keep them warm during the cold winter months. Stoles look similar to capes except that they are shorter and more for decorative purposes. Making a fur stole takes one back to the Victorian age when they were very popular articles of clothing. You can make your stole using fake fur bought from the fabric store. Choose from a wide variety of faux furs in all sorts of colors, even the colors that are not the color of any animal such as pink and purple.

Measure around the shoulders of the person for whom you are making the stole. Place the measuring tape around her shoulders, just as you would the finished stole. Using a pen, write down that measurement on a piece of paper paper.

Place the measuring tape at the back of the neck and measure half way down the length of her back to get the necessary length of the stole. Write this measurement down on your paper.

Trace out your measurements onto a piece of newspaper. Tape a few pages of the newspaper together, if necessary, to make the pattern large enough.

Lay out your fake fur fabric onto a large, flat surface. Lay the newspaper pattern on top of it. Pin the pattern to the fabric. Following the pattern, use sewing scissors to cut out the fabric for the stole.

Using the sewing machine and thread, sew the binding in place. Start at one corner of the top of the stole to apply the binding. Work down the front, around the bottom and back up to the other front corner of the neck.

Add binding to the neck. Leave an excess of 12 inches on either side of the neck to allow for tying the stole on. Stitch the binding in place as in Step 5.

Turn under the raw edges of the binding at the ends of the ties. Stitch closed with the sewing machine to prevent the binding from unraveling.


    • For a larger stole you may need to cut out the stole pattern in two different pieces of fabric. Just fold the pattern in half at the back and cut out two separate pieces of fabric. Sew them together down the back of the stole.

    • Make your stole a little dressier by adding a decorative closure at the neck such as a flower, broche or button.

    • If the underneath of the fake fur is a little scratchy, add a lining to it before adding the binding. Cut the lining to the same size as the stole. Lay the right sides together, pin in place and sew around the top and the sides. Turn the stole right side out and add the binding.

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