How to Make a Satin Waistband Tutu

There are many ways to make a tutu. The waistband of a tutu is a signature design feature that distinguishes one style of tutu from another. Here you will find instructions for making a tutu with a satin waistband, an elegant detail that makes this tutu stand out from the others.

Measure the waist of the intended wearer, then add half that much again for the waist of the tutu. For example, if the waist of the wearer is 30 inches, measure 45 inches for the tutu waist.

Measure the satin ribbon so that it fits snugly around the waist of the person who will be wearing the tutu. Add 1 ½ inches to that length and cut the ribbon. Set aside.

Cut the tulle as wide as the waist needs to be and the length you want the tutu to be. You will need at least four layers of tulle. You can make the tutu as many layers deep as you want.

Line up the top of all the layers and make a zigzag stitch along the top to hold them all together.

Flatten the tulle out on a large table to be sure that there are no folds or creases in any of the layers. Then stitch the layers together at the sides as you did for the top, making a zigzag stitch.

Gather the waist: Machine baste around the top of the tulle close to the edge. Make a second stitching close to the first. Take the two bottom threads of the machine basting and pull so that you can gather the waist. Spread the gathering out evenly along the top edge. Gather until the length is the exact measurement of the intended wearer’s waist.

Pin the satin ribbon around the waistline of the tutu so that the top edge of the satin is aligned with the edge of the tulle. Leave ½ inch of ribbon extending from the right side of the waist and 1 inch extending from the left side.

Turn under the ½ inch of ribbon that extends on the right side of the waist twice so that it folds tightly against the tulle and pin it to the back of the ribbon. Hand stitch it in place.

Turn under the 1 inch of ribbon that extends on the left side twice so that ½ inch still extends over the edge of the skirt. Hand stitch it in place.

Hand stitch the satin ribbon to the top of the skirt. Be careful to catch the binding of the ribbon with the needle so that you get a good grip on the ribbon without the stitches showing through on the outside.

Sew the hook and eye in place at the ends of the satin ribbon after checking the exact placement on the intended wearer.