How to Serve Scones

English teatime

Eurngkwan/iStock/Getty Images

The perfect way to serve scones is warm right from the oven, at around 4 p.m., the traditional English teatime. Butter and strawberry jam should accompany scones, and you can present these in jam bowls or small ramekins. In Southern England, clotted cream takes the place of butter. Add a butter knife, a napkin and a steaming pot of Earl Grey, and you have a teatime worthy of Fortnum & Mason in London.

A Hotel High Tea -- and at Home

Your scones at a posh hotel arrive on the middle or top level of a three-tier stand, along with small sandwiches with their crusts cut off, and sweets. Simpler teashops may place the scones on a paper doily on a serving plate. If you’re at home, you can present the scones on a plain plate or their cooling rack for simplicity. Individual 6-inch plates for you and your company can be basic white, Delftware, floral or whimsical designs. Serve the scones whole for your guests to break by hand or cut in half horizontally. Everyone then slathers each half with the butter and the jam or cream.