How to Sell Hair Accessories

How to Sell Hair Accessories. If your friends rave about the accessories that you've created to adorn your or your daughter's hairstyles, consider ways to sell them to turn the hobby into a little extra cash. Try the following locations and tactics to market your assortment of pins, headbands, clips and ponytail holders.

Start an online "shop" without the hassle of starting your own website. A site like Etsy allows you to sell without pounding the pavement, build up a loyal clientele, upload new accessories as soon as you create them and even accept custom orders. (See Resources.)

List several of your most popular pieces on an online auction site. In addition to a description of the size or materials, include photos of the hair accessory on its own and used with a variety of styles to showcase its versatility.

Market your creations to local hair salons, children's clothing boutiques and consignment shops. Create a display filled with different items that the owner can immediately hang on a wall or sit inside a glass case. Clearly price each item and let the owner know how much she'll make on each sale. Also leave a stack of business cards or flyers with her so customers can contact you directly with questions or custom orders.

Host a few home parties for your friends and neighbors to sell your creations. Turn the event into a "hair styling" workshop and ask a local stylist to demonstrate a few simple techniques with your clips, headbands and pins.

Establish a Paypal account if you plan to sell your hair accessories online. The service will ensure you receive payment before you send your merchandise to buyers. Consider taking personal checks or money orders when selling to individuals or brick-and-mortar stores.