How to Select Costa Del Mar Lenses

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Costa Del Mar sunglasses are high-end glasses made for fishing, sailing, surfing and even everyday driving needs. These sunglasses are known for their glare reduction and visual clarity. Costa Del Mar offers a wide variety of styles, colors and lenses for its glasses. Selecting which lenses for your sunglasses can be a difficult decision. The lens are made out of three different materials and sold in eight different colors, which lead to different visual experiences.

Visit an authorized dealer of Costa Del Mar sunglasses. It is best to try the glasses on in person to get exactly what you want rather than ordering online. The Costa Del Mar website offers a dealer locator to finder the nearest dealer.

Try on a few pairs of glasses. The most common types of Costa Del Mar lenses are the glass lenses, which are lightweight and offer the clearest vision, and the CR-39 lenses, which are made of scratch-resistant plastic. polycarbonate lenses are also available but typically offered on limited numbers of sunglasses, such as frameless designs.

Compare Costa 400 and Costa 580 sunglasses. The Costa 400 eliminates glare and is produced in all three lens types. The Costa 580 eliminates glare and also reduces the amount of yellow light that enters eye. This creates brighter reds, blues and greens.

Try on different color lenses to see which is best for you. Costa Del Mar offers eight different colors of lenses. The 580s are limited to gray, copper, blue mirror, green mirror and silver mirror. Each lens color offers a slightly different visual experience.

Compare prices between pairs of glasses. Sunglasses with glass 580s will be more expensive than pairs with CR-39 lenses. Typical prices run $150 to $200 for CR-39 glasses. Glass 580 normally adds another $75 to $100 more on to the total price. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a lifetime warranty.