How to Seduce a Woman With a Foot Massage

As part of the mating ritual, women are used to being given what some might consider useless gifts: flowers, candy and jewelry. On the other hand, in this busy world, foot massages stand out and might be much more appreciated. Many women would be thrilled to get this kind of gift, and many would more than willing to reciprocate.

Happy Feet

Mix the foot powder into the basin of water. Seat your partner comfortably in the chair. Help her remove her shoes and any pantyhose, then let her soak her feet for about 15 minutes. After that, gently bathe her feet in the basin. Dry them with the towel.

Once her feet are dry, move the basin out of the way, spread the towel out, and get the almond oil. Pour a little into your hand, rub both hands together, and start with one foot. Gently stroke the foot with your fingers. There is no need to rush. Take your time and figure out where her foot might be the sorest, or where it might be dry. Her foot may be tired, but it may also need the moisture.

Pour a little more oil onto your hands and gently grasp her foot so that your thumbs are on the sole of her foot. Gently apply pressure to the sole, moving your fingers up and out. Gradually move your thumbs apart so that you're massaging from the inside to to the outside edges. Don't forget her heel; this can be gently squeezed with your hand or massaged with the thumbs. Treat the ball of her foot the same way.

Repeat steps two and three for the other foot. Once both feet are done, go back to the first foot and gently work on the joints. Hold her leg by the calf and carefully rock the foot back and forth. Then rotate it at the ankle, just as carefully. Gently pull on each toe to make sure her toes are stretched out as well.

Finish the foot massage by stroking your partner's feet again, one at a time. You should feel a marked difference from the way they first felt. This is how you can tell your massage went well--that, and the satisfied look on the woman's face. Mission accomplished!