How to Sandpaper Jeans

A well worn pair of blue jeans is as comfortable as it is versatile. These days someone can turn a pair of blue jeans into formal attire with the right accessories. The same pair of jeans can just as easily become the perfect backdrop for a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. The key is to have a pair of jeans with the right look. The jeans must be durable and well made, but have the appearance of a pair that is well worn that show no signs of being new. Jeans that achieve this look are available at all the trendy stores but the cost of buying such jeans does not fit into everyone's budget. Fortunately you can make your own pair with an affordable pair of jeans and a few squares of sandpaper. In no time at all you can sandpaper your jeans into a trendy fashion statement.

Purchase a pair of jeans. Worry more about the quality of the jeans rather than the appearance of the jeans since you will be distressing the jeans yourself to create the look you want.

Wash and dry the jeans. Many jeans feel stiff when they are first purchased. Washing the jeans will help to make the jeans softer and more flexible which will make them easier to work with.

Put the jeans on. You will achieve the most natural looking finish on your jeans if you wear them as you use the sandpaper to distress them.

Decide where you want to distress your jeans. The best finish will be achieved by distressing the places on your jeans that would normally show signs of wear. These places include the knees, the back pockets, the bottom hems and the belt loops.

Fold the sandpaper to make it easier to hold. Rub the sandpaper gently over each area you want to distress. Continue rubbing the sandpaper back and forth until the jeans begin to look worn. Be careful not to over-distress them which will cause a hole to form in the fabric. (However, if your goal is to create a hole, then continue rubbing the sandpaper on the jeans until a hole forms.)

Take the jeans off and wash them before wearing.