How to Restyle Your Bar Cart with Spiked Apple Cider

by Carrie Waller

For many folks, fall ranks at the tippy top of favored seasons. Perhaps it’s the fact that the holiday season officially shows up on the horizon, or maybe it’s all of those gorgeous earthy colors working their way into fashion and home decor. Whatever the case, why not celebrate the season right by mixing up a tasty signature drink befitting the best that autumn has to offer — spiked apple cider! This, of course, also could prove to be the perfect excuse to restyle your bar cart for fall.

First, start with a good jug of cider. If your hometown is anything like ours, then your grocery store stocks half and whole gallons of locally sourced apple cider. Our personal favorite is Morris Orchard, and we don’t mind one bit splurging on the “good stuff.”

With my tasty base added to a glass, I next grabbed a bottle of my husband’s favorite whiskey. I poured a small amount (less than a normal shot — this stuff goes a long way!) into a tasting glass and then poured the contents into the apple cider already in the drinking glass.

Next, I spooned out about 1/2 tablespoon of prepackaged cider spices and dumped it into my glass. After giving the drink a thorough stir, I opted for a quick taste test to make sure that the flavors were just right. Adjust the proportions of each ingredient to suit your preference.

As for the final ingredients, I spooned a healthy dollop of whipped cream on top and then used a hand grater to grate cinnamon sticks on top of the whipped cream. After that, we were ready to indulge in a seasonal at-home cocktail.

Before I go, let’s talk fall bar cart restyling. To really bring the harvest theme home, remember:

1. Seasonal blooms: Scout out your local farmer’s market or grocery store for fall flowers. We chose pretty, Virginia-grown tulips for their rich, fall color, but you could even use dried branches to add a natural element to your cart.

2. Color scheme: Speaking of fall color, we’re lucky that this time of year comes with its own “official” scheme! Anything from orange and yellow to red and burgundy will do.

3. Metallic elements: Because autumn loves that warm-toned, earthy color palette, use brass and gold metals to add a little bit of luxe, season-appropriate texture and sheen to your bar setup. Incorporate it in the decanters, trays and ice bucket you use, or even upgrade the cart itself to something golden-toned.

Carrie Waller is the writer, designer and stylist behind the blog Dream Green DIY. Photos courtesy of Carrie Waller.

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Carrie Waller is the blogger and stylist behind Dream Green DIY. Her work has been featured in "Better Homes and Gardens," "Design*Sponge," and "Apartment Therapy." Waller holds a Bachelor of Arts from Christopher Newport University in studio art and art history.