How to Resole Your Boots With Used Tires

old boots image by Adrian Hillman from

It is entirely possible to resole those comfortable old boots so they take you through one more season. No special tools or equipment are needed. If you can draw stick figures, you can resole your boots. It’s also a great way to recycle an old tire you’ve been hiding in the garage because you didn’t want to have to pay someone to get rid of it. Other shoes, such as Crocs or work boots, can also be resoled.

Place the boots on a sheet of newspaper. Trace a line around the outside edges of the soles of the boots.

Measure the length of the heel of the boot from the back of the heel to the front of the heel on the shoe sole. Draw a line on the pattern that indicates this measurement.

Mark the distance from the toe of the boot to about three-quarters of the way toward the heel. Measure just to the part of the sole that starts to curve upward toward the heel. Mark this line on the paper pattern.

Cut strips of rubber larger than the sole from the center of the tire tread. Cut out the paper patterns for the heel and the toe section. Place these patterns on strips of the tire that you have cut from the center of the tire tread.

Cut out the tire pieces with the knife or scissors. Apply a coat of contact cement to the rubber pieces and press them onto the soles of the boots in the heel and toe areas.

Use the knife or scissors to trim the edges once the contact cement has dried.