How to Remove Wax From Legs

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Waxing your legs can be a tricky, not to mention sticky, situation. But doing it yourself, versus visiting a salon, is a huge time and money saver. Proper wax application is essential for easy wax removal and avoiding pain and mess. Using fluid, quick motions without hesitation is key to the removal process. Excess wax is removed from skin with baby oil or petroleum jelly. Applying aloe vera gel after waxing will reduce pain and redness.

Lightly dust legs with baby or talcum powder before beginning to ensure better wax-to-hair adhesion. This, in turn, means easier wax removal.

Apply wax in the direction of hair growth; work in small sections and apply smooth, thin layers of wax.

Apply a thin strip of muslin over the wax to remove it. Leave some leftover muslin at the end of the strip, like a tab. Smooth down the strip in the direction of hair growth with your hand. Press firmly to ensure good wax-to-hair adhesion. Give wax a minute to cool slightly. Check the temperature through the muslin strip with your hand.

Firmly grasp the tab end of the strip. Pull skin taut with the other hand. Pull off the muslin strip in one quick, fluid motion. Do not pull the strip straight up; pull as close to the skin as possible.

Press the strip onto the skin a few more times and lift up to gather any stray or remaining wax. Apply pressure to relieve pain.

Soak a clean washcloth in some baby oil and use it to massage your skin to loosen stray bits of wax. Wax should harden and flake off. Alternatively, use petroleum jelly in the same manner.

Apply aloe vera gel to legs to reduce redness and soothe.