How to Reattach Plastic Lettering to a Jersey

Jerseys are treasured keepsakes. They are a way to show appreciation for a favorite sports team or a hometown. The problem is that the plastic lettering often starts coming off after several washes. If the jersey is kept for a long period of time, it becomes a choice between a smelly jersey or one with no letters. Fortunately, it's possible to reattach the letters.

Wash the shirt on a delicate cycle to make sure it's clean to start with. It should then be thoroughly dried. Putting it in the dryer may make the letter problem become worse, so air drying is best for a jersey with plastic letters.

Put the jersey down on a hard surface, such as an ironing board. Smooth the letters over the area where they were once attached.

Use an iron that does not use steam or switch off the steam option. The iron should be set to maximum heat.

Place a thin towel or a piece of paper on top of the number. Once the iron has heated up, begin ironing the letter through the towel or paper. Iron the outside portions of the letters, not the middle. Placing too much of the iron on the letters can damage the letters and the fabric.

Work with only the very edges of the iron or you will risk melting the letter.

Go around the edges of each letter that has come loose until they properly reattach to the fabric. If one letter does not reattach right away, try a longer ironing time.

Hang the jersey up to allow all the letters to properly cool before wearing it again or putting it away.