How to Change the Number on a Football Jersey

Darrin Klimek/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Salvage your favorite football jersey by replacing the numbers yourself. Whether you are trying to update the number of your new favorite football player or replace fading and peeling numbers on a comfy jersey you have owned for years, you can replace any sewn-on or iron-on numbers to breathe new life into your jersey.

Sewn-on Numbers

Cut the embroidery stitches holding the numbers onto the jersey with a seam ripper or a tiny pair of scissors.

Remove the numbers and any thread strands from the jersey.

Place the new numbers onto the jersey and pin them in place with sewing pins.

Sew on the new numbers using a sewing machine with thread that is the same color as the numbers.

Iron-on Numbers

Run the jersey under hot water while scrubbing off the number with a stiff-bristled toothbrush.

Dry the jersey.

Soak a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and use it to dab any remaining remnants of the number.

Soak any remaining remnant of the number with a solvent, such as Goo Gone, if the rubbing alcohol doesn’t remove all of the remnants.

Allow five minutes for the solvent to soak into the number and peel off the number with your fingers.

Wash and dry the jersey to ensure all of the excess glue is gone.

Cut out the new number from a transfer design and place it on the jersey, printed side down.

Preheat your iron to the hottest setting and turn off the steam.

Iron on the numbers using a circular motion. Continue ironing for 10 seconds.

Allow 30 minutes for the jersey to cool before wearing the garment.